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Guest Post Info & Guidelines

Thank you very much for your interest in featuring on Rated by Hanna!

I will accept guest posts only from bloggers and writers, not businesses. If you are a business and would like to discuss an opportunity to sponsor a post, please use the general Contact page to reach me and provide further details to work together.


Please read my guidelines carefully below, and if you would like to submit an idea for a Guest post please use the contact form below to begin the discussion before submitting the finished post. I would feel terrible if you already finished it and I was not able to publish it.

  • 100% original content – no duplicates please. It is adverse for SEO. If you have a related posts on your website/blog with similar topic I can link to it!
  • 2+ good quality photos – either owned by you or stock images with the appropriate creative commons permissions.
  • Minimum 800 words. (More is more though, as more helpful for SEO!)
  • Once the post has been published you will help me promote the post and share on your social media channels as it will be beneficial for us both!

Important please consider the following:

Once received if your Guest post submission does not meet any of the guidelines stated above, I have the right to decline the post. If a minimal amount of edits need to be made I will reach out to you about any post edits/updates so that it does not alter the original tone of your writing. However, if there are significant changes for the post, I will unfortunately decline the submission. I may add relevant affiliate links if it is a product or guide to the post.


  • A do-follow link to your personal blog or a post relating to the content.
  • Viewership from reader base of ~450+
  • Short biography featured at the bottom of the post about you and your website/blog
  • Links to up to 2 of your social media accounts
  • Social media promotion to 1.3k+ followers across all of my social media during the first 2 weeks that the post goes live, and scheduling the post over the following year.
  • Pinterest Pin  and Cover Post graphic created


My website is mostly REVIEW based, but the topic of interest can be up to you. All I ask that you have personally experienced the topic you are writing about (activity, restaurant, travel package, etc…) for yourself! In the past I have posted about travel itineraries through Italy, travel misadventure stories, wedding vendors/tips, reviews of recent and under/overrated movies/TV Shows, New England specific activities/local flavor.

If you would like to submit an idea for a guest post please complete your details below. Please do not start writing your submission until you have received a confirmation email from me. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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