Rating Rubric

A guide to my out of 5 star rating system. I should have a quintessentially Hanna rating system and symbol right? Are stars boring? Until I find my spiritual symbol we’ll stick with the stars! I’ll even use the 1/2 ★s to further differentiate.

5 ★★★★★
Places – IN LOVE! I try to give these out sparingly to places that have gone well above and beyond my expectations. I long for the next time to come back. If it’s food, my mouth waters just thinking about it or places that I can’t wait to revisit.

Products / Brands – Holy Grail, ride or die status! I couldn’t see myself living without it!

Movies / TV Shows – I want to show this to everyone and talk about it with you! I could watch this on loop ad infinitum ∞.

4 ★★★★
Places – Great experience overall and I’m more than satisfied, but there’s always some room for improvement!

Products / Brands – I’m impressed and it has earned a spot in my “rotation”, but I’m not going to limit myself to just this.

Movies / TV Shows – Very enjoyable and re-watchable, but there were some issues to point out.

3 ★★★
Places -Nothing special, overall forgettable. I’ll take it or leave it.

Products / Brands – Same as above, so boring can’t even think of unique description.

Movies / TV Shows – I’ll take it or leave it, especially if nothing else is on. Not very high priority to seek out in theaters or continue watching the series.

2 ★★
Places – Well this was generally awful, but it may have had one or two redeeming qualities. I could see myself coming back here if friends/family insisted.

Products / Brands – Disappointing, did not live up to expectations, poor value. However it is still worth using every now or then or passing on to someone else who may benefit.

Movies / TV Shows – Not good at all… maybe there was a good moment or two? Hopefully I didn’t pay money for this. Or maybe this was bad, but in a funny way where we could make fun of how terrible it is.

1 ★
Places -YIKES! How did I ever end up here? Are there no other options? If so I vow to NEVER come back here! Appallingly horrible experience.

Products / Brands – Into the TRASH / Fire pit you go! I never want to think about it again. There was probably a traumatic experience involved from using this as well.

Movies / TV Shows – My EYES…!!! My precious time that I’ll never get back. How and why was this even made in the first place?


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