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Hanna here. Thank you for stopping by my blog, which is dedicated writing reviews or sharing my opinion for EVERYTHING that fancies my interest! I started my own blog since I truly love writing as an outlet for all the unpredictable chaos in my life. I also don’t want to limit myself to just local businesses, which you will find plenty of reviews for on my Yelp page ( My loving significant other (SO) just thinks that I have an ax to grind with everyone haha. (I do give out glowing reviews… just not often! Checkout my All the Stars Yelp list of places I can’t wait to visit again of all 5 star places! It’s more meaningful that way right?)

Take a gander at my Series page for multi-post topics! Curious about how I actually Rate and Review items? The Rubric page should give you an idea of ratings between 1-5 stars! Check the tags to see all items reviewed with the rating. We’re using 1/2 star intervals.

My goal is to create content that someone like myself would find useful, but can never find enough detail poring through the various resources online. I want completely authentic and honest reviews from people who aren’t afraid to have an unpopular opinion! I’ll draw directly from my personal experiences. Occasionally I will incorporate quotes from friends and other bloggers!


I’m a New England based blogger who loves the area, but always questions why I live here when we receive several feet of snow each winter. My friends know me as someone who is difficult to impress; so hopefully my critical view will help distinguish between truly excellent experiences! Feel free to drop a message if you find any content helpful or want me to elaborate more details. Despite my best efforts for succinctness and going the Hemingway, you might notice that my writing style tends to turn into a saga. Believe it or not I’ve had a few instances where I actually reached the character limit on Yelp. I had to start truncating my content!

 LOGO: Thanks to my good friend Leona, for creating this for me after going through a few sketches! The raised eyebrow is something that I do quite often when I’m skeptical. The purple fan is my favorite color and an artistic piece to show some of my favorite topics: Beauty, Tea, Restaurants/Food, Movies/TV shows, Saving $$ (rewards programs, credit card/cash back). I also have written extensively on travel/vacation and wedding related sagas with categories on the top menu for you to peruse. To get a flavor of what my grand ideas of blog posts will be check out my very first blog post from 2/10/2017!

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Dana (Hanna’s Other Half): First off, no, I’m not Hanna’s other personality, I’m her husband. Mostly I’ll be writing here about either video games or movies. Since I’m a giant nerd and movie buff, this will be a good place to look for insight into both new superhero movies and older movies good enough to have endured the passage of time. Also continuing on the trend of sweets, I love half moons if you couldn’t tell from my avatar. Happy reading!

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