Wisconsin to Minnesota (Twin Cities) Fall & Winter Guide

#Wisconsin #Minnesota #TwinCities Guide and Overview to spending time in the Midwest during the Fall and Winter!Back in November I visited my friends, Leona and John in Wisconsin! This was the first time where I booked my flight travels less than 2 months before traveling while monitoring the airfare. I of course needed to make sure my workplace approved the request after changing the dates! If you followed my story on Instagram, you might have seen a peek at the hilarious, exciting and strange adventures I had in real time. Also if you have read my previous newsletters, I wrote a short story about my first experience having cheese curds and hiking in the state park! I’ll give you way more detail about some of the random photos and videos I shared.

Little known fact, I used to live in the Midwest, so I didn’t have high expectations for the things to do in the area. Surprisingly, we had an excellent time together exploring the local flavor!  Visiting in the fall and winter is not recommended due to the harsh cold temperatures. Apparently Wisconsin is known for their multitude of water parks and state fairs, which Leona enjoyed over the summer! However, fear not there are plenty of activities to try! Do you smell another (mini)-series? I only spent about 5.5 days out there so the series won’t be nearly as long as the Italy Honeymoon! I’ve split the topics into 4 sections for you to look forward to separate posts. You can use this as a landing page, since I will update the links below once the subsequent itinerary and stories launch!

Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities), Minnesota

  • Sun Country Airlines Experience – Hilarious story about seeing someone I didn’t expect at the airport.
  • Ichiddo Ramen & Yarn Hunting in St. Paul – I was hungry after the flight and we left no yarnery unturned.
  • Mall of America – I had only heard stories of its grandeur until now! We spent nearly the whole day here since it was steps away from the Airport. It was magical helping Leona’s journey into the wonderful world of Sephora and makeup during the VIB Rouge sale.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

  • Downtown Self-guided Sculpture Park Tour in sub-zero temperatures, which included hiding out in the Library and Revival Records
    • This town has a huge art scene!
  • Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery – What a gem we found through Groupon! The package included a distillery tour as well as the full wine and liquor tasting for 2! We were so thankful to have a designated driver with us.
  • Local restaurants & flavor: Mike’s Cheese Shack, The Lakely, The French Press, Mona Lisa, The Nucleus

Western Wisconsin

  • Willow River State Park – Hiking and waterfall chasing thanks to Travel Wisconsin suggestion.
  • Cady Cheese Factory – we found the “squeaky” cheese curds!
  • The Raw Deal – when in a small college town go to the local cafe!
  • Olson’s Ice Cream Parlor & Deli – Best ice cream in Chippewa Falls?

Madison, Wisconsin Day Trip

  • Mustard Museum – alright this technically isn’t in Madison but it was such a blast visiting this free museum.
  • Chazen Museum of Art – yet another fantastic free museum! There’s plenty of those in the city.
  • Local Restaurant: The Great Dane


The longest post most likely will be Eau Claire, since that is where we spent the majority of our time exploring! The funniest thing when I told my friends, family and co-workers about my trip was their first reaction. They immediately asked “Is this for a business trip?” after I revealed the location.

Have you ever visited or lived in Wisconsin? What did you do there?

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★, maybe this is kind of a spoiler? I’ll review and rate each of the other locations separately!

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  1. The waterfall + yarn shop day in Western Wisconsin sounds like my kind of day!

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  2. All that food sounds amaaaazing! And the park looks stunning!

    I guess this was much easier to get to compared to Italy too! Well done on the epic airfare booking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Josy haha yes not nearly as long of a flight! There was like only one flight in the day so I actually ended up on the same flight as my dad (spoiler) for a business trip. Yeah I think last minute airfare usually works better with domestic haha compared to international.

      Liked by 1 person

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