Sephora Rewards Bazaar – IT Cosmetics 1500 Point Redemption


Small victory!

As a very belated follow up to my original Sephora Rewards Bazaar post, I’m happy to announce that I’M FINALLY FREE after receiving the “IT Cosmetics It’s your active essentials” set at 1,500 points! No more stalking their page every Tuesday and Thursday at noon fighting with other beauty addicts to find out what point perks launch to finally unload some of these nearly worthless beauty insider points. I’m now down to only 157 points and ONLY VIB (not Rouge), which limits me to only their ~100 point single deluxe size samples! I will share my honest thoughts on the value of the products and unboxing photos. I finally redeemed after waiting nearly a year to use the remainder of my points in this review.

Silly me forgot to copy or take a screen shot of the product listing detail, which shows everything from the website that the 1,500 point perk included! So here’s my attempt to describe everything in the photo.


  • (~$30) Large IT Cosmetics Handbag Bag (~19″ x 13.5″ x 5.5″), seems waterproof?
  • ($38) Full Size Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light. SIGNED by Jamie (CEO/founder) that makes it more priceless right?*
  • ($25) White Metal “S’well” style insulated IT Cosmetics Branded Water Bottle
  • (~$10) Deluxe Size Super Hero Mascara*
  • (~$10) Deluxe Size Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder*
  • (~$10) Deluxe Size Confidence in a Cream*


Total Retail Value = ~$123 Similar to the Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle perfume with hand-painted details and signature. A return of 12.2 points/$. Still better than most of the 100, 200 and 500 point perks.

~Estimated value. Do you agree/disagree with the values? I couldn’t find the unit size of all of the samples so I figured $10 should cover it.
*Ulta is VERY generous with their Gifts with Purchase, so the ones starred I’ve already received a “deluxe sample” size in the past.


Click the images to see the full size.

Excuse the dirty finger print mark on the side of the box haha. I received 2 other of the special rewards bazaars point perks in the mail so I have a total of 3 large Sephora magnetic boxes now, which I haven’t figured out how to repurpose yet. Feel free to leave me some suggestions in the comments below! They really are quite sturdy boxes. I have a holiday edition one that one of my friends gave me and I’ve used to store my Cards Against Humanity set along with a few expansion packs since they got rid of the big box… (Do people still play this anymore? I’ve actually gotten tired of this game after awhile of realizing people didn’t get my humor!)


My version of the products are at least “to scale” on the dining table. The bag is GIGANTIC!

Deluxe Samples & IT Cosmetics Intro

I wasn’t too crazy about the deluxe samples since I already have at least 2 other unopened packages of them from previous purchases. You don’t want to know how long my queue of mascaras is at this point. However, I love the brand IT Cosmetics! They somehow fuse many “skin beneficial” ingredients such as anti-aging properties, SPF, and moisturizer! My first purchases were the Naturally Pretty Palettes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Romantics. I even purchased the limited edition sparkly one, which the quality wasn’t as good as the originals. I never thought I’d buy from QVC until this brand. They had killer deals and value sets available (even though I had to pay shipping boo…) where I tried their legendary brushes. I learned from purchasing the Cushion Compact that the Medium shade was slightly too dark for me (in the winter). So this time when checking out I chose Light!

Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light

Click the images to see the full size.

I’ve actually never tried their CC cream until now. I received a deluxe sample in Medium from a sales associate at Ulta awhile ago. I feared it would be too dark again so I never opened it! (Why did she think I was a Medium instead of Light?) Thankfully it actually applied very smoothly and blended in effortlessly to my skin tone! I love that it comes with a pump. The first time it took at least 10 pumps to get some product flowing. You’ll notice Jamie’s signature on the cap. The first time I opened the box and accidentally rubbed my finger across the pink signature it started to chip and fade! I didn’t want to cause further damage so I covered it with clear nail polish. That’s why you’ll see the uneven grooves or brush strokes. This adds to the uniqueness and rarity right? That makes it worth more than the retail value of $38?


Now it’s debatable whether she actually signed HUNDREDS of these perks, or whether it’s a print. If you compare it to the printing on the website and water bottle below, they are almost IDENTICAL. What’s your verdict?

Water Bottle


I have a bit of a water bottle and drinkware collection too… I actually haven’t had a chance to try this out yet! I don’t trust myself using anything white and the product staying white for very long. I’ve seen this type of design bottle everywhere. Several brands seem to make this but I’ve traced it back to S’Well or MIRA, which retails for about $20-$25. I always noticed issues at my previous work places since it’s not transparent you can’t really tell while filling it up when it’ll be full. They’re often too tall to fit so you’ll have to angle the bottle under the stream. Similar with the glass BKR Bottle, the lid is narrow so you run into difficulty adding ice cubes. Anyway I can’t hate on it officially until I try it. My insulated 18 oz. metal Hydroflask is having some unfortunate leaky issues so I might just replace it! Have you tried one of these water bottles before?

Large Handbag

In the preview photo it’s all folded up in thirds as it came in the box, so there’s no way to tell the actual dimensions. Plus the photo was not to scale. For scale next to the box it is over 3x bigger so when I tried to squeeze this back in the box I couldn’t close the lid properly. I gave the approximate dimensions above by just using my rulers and measuring ~19″ length x 13.5″ height x 5.5″ width. The material seems to be a plastic, nylon type material. The strange part is that even though this bag is so BIG there’s only one side pocket on the inside. So if you want to keep your small stuff organized, you’ll need another bag. I could see using this as a shopping bag or maybe for the beach since it seems like it would be water proof or at least resistant.


Overall, I’d say it was worth waiting almost a year to clear out the rest of my points. I hated the monotony of signing on 2x a week only to find that other beauty addicts had claimed one of the limited quantities. I really missed out on the Customized Face Chart boat with Kat Von D! I heard on the Sephora Community Forums that all of the subsequent brands were not nearly as good! I admit I’ve also noticed a steady decline in the redemption return in value points wise. I was tempted several times just to cash out for two 500 or point perk items. However, I convinced myself that 4 measly items in most of those sets is NOT worth it. I love the giant bag and the foundation! I’m sure I’ll also eventually use the other products as well since I already know I love the brand.

What do you think of the reward? How many points do you have? Have you redeemed for any good items lately?

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★


If you are still looking to cash out all of your points. GOOD LUCK! There’s still worthy rewards among all of the fluff.

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  1. You’re so cute to apply nail polish over the pink signature on the CC cream cap. I honestly wouldn’t have cared myself! 😳 I highly doubt she signed it personally…

    I never pay attention to the rewards bazaar unless I’m actually on Sephora shopping! I should really pay attention… I’m sitting with 3100 points now. The most I ever redeem for are the 500pt perks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yeah I don’t think she signed it either oh well! Thanks haha I have way more than enough clear nail polish so why not. I also did that with the side screws on my glasses so they would be less prone to fall out.

      Oh they have separate rewards for Canada! Do you follow the Community Forums? I used to have an e-mail subscription but it went haywire and started sending me hundreds per minute during the upgrade from BeautyTalk to Community. Each month they have a “new brand” theme. Right now it’s Caudalie.


  2. I wonder if that water bottle is one of the ones that can keep things hot for 12 hours/ cold for 24 hours!? If so, you can use it to have hot drinks!? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Lisa! 💜 Haha what have you gotten in the past? 💄💋


  4. Looks like a great gift. Better than any I’ve gotten

    Liked by 1 person

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