First Impression: Blade Runner 2049

I’m writing this just after seeing Blade Runner 2049, so these are my initial thoughts. I want to let this movie sit for at least a few days and to avoid spoilers, so I’ll post an update later on with more of an analysis. If you haven’t already take a moment to also read up on the original Blade Runner movie review.


I know why my wife wanted to see it though…

Set 30 years after Blade Runner, this film focuses on blade runner K (Ryan Gosling) who is investigating a case related to the disappearance of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) decades earlier. His main emotional contact throughout the film is his AI/holographic girlfriend Joi (Ana de Armas). There isn’t much more that I can say about the plot at this point because there are a LOT of twists and turns throughout the entire running time.

Like Tron: Legacy this movie manages to preserve the visual style of the original but update it using new technology for special effects. The world presented is larger and as well realized as in the 1982 film, but also more polished and slightly lacking the more grungy realism. Longer shots and scenes do somewhat make up for this by giving it more of a feeling of being in real-time. It’s also better lit than the original, allowing the audience to see what’s on screen more clearly.

The performances are all pretty good, but de Armas as Joi steals the spotlight. The themes of life evolving as AI as portrayed through her character I found more interesting than those surrounding the replicants, though part of that is from the previous movie already exploring this aspect.


The most interesting hologram outside of Star Trek.

I did greatly enjoy this movie while watching it, possibly more than the original. The plot was more engaging and had higher stakes, and I empathized more with K than I did with Deckard in Blade Runner. There are some plot elements brought up which I feel were never given enough weight to convince me to care about them the way the director probably intended, and to be honest one in particular I found distracting at some points. Luckily, there is so much more to focus on that it’s not a hindrance to enjoying the movie.

I’m not sure if Blade Runner 2049 offers the same food for thought as the original, but it was certainly more entertaining. Please check back in a few weeks where I will post a more in-depth review with spoilers.

Dana’s Rating (for now): 4/5 ★★★★
Hanna’s Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★


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  1. Loved this movie! I think you’re right that it had a better plot than the original. I’m surprised it’s not doing better at the box office, but then the original struggled at the box office too. I want to go see it again now that I’ve had time to digest it and debate it with my son 😄

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  2. I totally agree that the plot on this one is better than the original. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m surprised it isn’t doing better at the box office. But then, the original didn’t either. I plan to go see it again so I can better grasp all that was going on now that I’ve had a chance to think about it and debate it with my son 😀

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    • Yeah I think it’s just the timing of when this was released people are more into the horror movies. Good point though about the original not doing well in the box office. I think some people are off-put by the very long run time as well! So glad you liked it!


  3. I’ll have to check it out. I mean, Ryan Gosling is in it! Also, it looks a lot better than the first 😛

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  4. We will try to see it today. I feel I will like it better than the original as well


  5. Loads of my husbands friends worked on this, so I am really glad that you liked it.
    There are so many real fans of the original that wanted to work on this that I am not surprised that they made it look good. I can’t wait to see it. 😀

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    • I can tell everyone who worked on it put in a lot of effort, it really is a worthy sequel!

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    • Oh you guys have such cool connections haha first the other movie and now this! Do you know what part they worked on? I think the end credits were like at least 10 minutes long. Do you have any friends that also worked on Arrival, any Marvel movies or Star Wars (just named other movies we have tickets to). When are you planning to see it Josy? Let me know what you think! 😀

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      • I’ll give you a shout once I’ve seen it.

        Marc (my other half) is working on the next Pacific Rim film at the moment (he is the supervisor behind the robots) so he is soooo busy. I’ll need to drag him away from work so we can see his mates’ work!!

        I don’t think I know anyone that worked on Arrival (I LOVED that film!) but they often work on various marvel films and some of his mates worked on Star Wars. I know one bloke who changed company just so he could work on Star Wars. 😉

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        • Really liked the first Pacific Rim, so glad they’re making a sequel! The trailer was shown before Blade Runner 2049 and I’m really excited to see it!

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          • I just saw the trailer too. It looks good BUT don’t get too excited. It sounds like they have waaay too much work in way too little time. I hope it’ll be okay…


        • Awesome! Thanks Josy! Wow that sounds like an awesome job though more exciting than me in the Finance/Accounting world! Aw yeah the new Blade Runner 2049 movie was directed by the same guy I loved that movie too! Haha that’s hilarious that he changed companies hope he enjoys working on it! We are already planning to get a group together to see it on opening night!

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