Stay Away from The Human Centipede Trilogy (Quick Rant)

I’ve told a lot of my friends – without being asked by the way – to avoid this series of movies no matter what. If you don’t know the premise of these films…good. I’ll just say it’s poorly done body horror. These were clearly made for shock value and to make people sick at the very idea presented. Ideas like this can actually work if done intelligently, but that’s not the case here.

The first movie, though suffering from these problems, at least had an interesting character in the insane doctor performing the experiment, but the following two movies destroy any faint hope that there would be something interesting here.


This reaction is a common symptom of having watched this movie.

The second movie does not allow for any suspension of disbelief, and makes the viewer repeatedly think “this is stupid” several times during each scene. At least having a doctor in the first movie allowed for the extremely remote possibility of this happening.

The final installment is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. The characters have the intelligence of poorly lobotomized monkeys, yet they have entire teams of people go ahead with their plans. There’s even a potentially clever interpretation of the villains from the first two movies which is overwhelmed by horrifically bad acting and writing, though in all fairness to the actors the writing is so terrible that there may have been no way to save their performances.

Eric Roberts

“I was in The Dark Knight, what the hell am I doing in this series?”

I almost decided not to write this post because I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I even saw one of these movies. Don’t make the same mistake I made when I saw an unusual looking movie on Netflix and then hoped the sequels would be somewhat redeeming. Watch The Fly (1986) instead if you want a good body horror movie.

Series Rating: 1/5 ★ (I’d go lower if I could)

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  1. Omg, I can’t even believe you were able to watch past the first one!

    I made the mistake of watching it after Thanksgiving dinner back in undergrad and have never turned back.

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  2. Even reading the synopsis of he first movie made me want to gag (you can guess at what part) 🤢

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  3. OMG. So, one of my friend’s husband has a twin sister, who when I met her, I thought she was awesome. You know how sometimes you meet people that you just really like instantly – she was one of those!

    She is an actress, and (you might be able to guess where I am going with this) I think she played a part in the second movie. She mentioned something about having to dress up in a pregnancy suit and run around covered in grossness. I have no desire to see these movies, so I never got to see her part. It sounds like it was pretty fun to make, even if it was horrible to watch!

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  4. No worries for me. I won’t be watching 😜😆😳


  5. Ugh can’t believe this is the first featured post on my blog now… You could also just give it 0 stars haha it’s my blog so you can do that. 0/5. Need to write some other posts to bury this abomination.


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