Amalfi & Giant Lemons (Day 9)

We told everyone Amalfi was our favorite destination so it was especially difficult putting all of our unforgettable experiences in words for the day trip! Unlike Capri, which was an optional excursion add-on this was included in the original itinerary. The romantic stories of celebrity getaways and quiet town life that you could only immerse yourself by foot appealed to us to bookmark for a return trip in the future. Amalfi is yet another UNESCO World Site, and it’s easy to see why since the views alone on the “Mamma Mia” roads are simply breathtaking. We had our first glimpse in Cinque Terre. Thankfully our driver Enrico was a pro with the downsized mini-bus! We were stuck behind several slow coach bus drivers so Enrico liberally used his horn. (No dozing off for me on this trip.) The roadway is carved right into the treacherously beautiful cliff side between the Gulf of Naples and Gulf of Salerno. There is also a railway with tunnels carved into the mountain directly below the roadway. Each direction yielded a panoramic vista overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.



More breath taking views minus me!

On our journey to Amalfi, we made a pit stop in Sorrento and Positano!  Johnny promised us frozen lemonade, but the stand he usually visits was not open yet! Instead we bought ourselves lovely souvenirs from this ceramic shop in Positano. They had the most beautiful wine cork stoppers and other ceramic ware such as dinner sets (way more pricey/too heavy to transport). Johnny told us stories about celebrities booking getaways to this area and requiring a lift system to carry all of their luggage up to the hotel as there was no elevator! That certainly makes sense why it’s known as the most expensive town. The Amalfi region is famous for the gigantic Sfusato Lemons. Their size is due to genetic cross breeding with oranges! Regular lemons at US grocery stores fit easily in my hand. The ones we found in Positano were larger than my head possibly the size of my head! Some of the shop owners even put sunglasses on them. It makes sense since Southern Italy is quite famous for their delicious Lemoncello liqueur. (We considered making a purchase, but we didn’t want to lug it all around town in addition to our red wine in Amalfi.)

Johnny informed us that the region is very territorial about only their own tour guides are able to provide guided tours or else anyone else suspected in the area will be fined! They need a specific license for the region and to pass an exam. He gave us the run down on the bus before we disembarked and spent the day to ourselves. We treated ourselves to a lovely lunch at Stella Maris di Esposito, which was right off the pier overlooking the sparkling sea! The sunny weather turned overcast intermittently, but we still saw numerous “sunbathers”. One entertaining sight I noticed was a woman who had her selfie-photo shoot set up with a tripod in the sand. She flexed and made cute faces into the camera in her bathing suit. I’m sure she’s one of those people that needs to document their whole life for her thousands of fans. (I might be slightly guilty of this minus the fans.)

We strolled around the quaint town and walked up to the church after climbing  several steps. It was interesting that they allowed us tourists just to walk in even though they were seemingly in the middle of mass or religious service. The giant church doors were just so inviting! There was also another church up a much steeper hill that we decided not to torture ourselves with the journey. My husband was running low on light colored shirts, as the weather was much warmer than we anticipated (makes sense since we were traveling south). Why did I even bother bringing 2 jackets? We found a small shop on top of one of the hills and he purchased a couple white Amalfi shirts. He needed to take off his bucket hat to try them on before purchasing. The hat met the same fat as my scarves in Montecatini. To be continued in Capri. He was also determined to get a delicious bottle of red wine so we picked one out at Il Prontino.

Along the way we found some notable structures such as the fountain. Of course since we didn’t have a guide whispering into our ears I didn’t retain the names. Some immature guys were determined to get a photo of himself drinking from the lower level of the fountain since there was water shooting out of the woman’s nipples. On the side there was also a mini-village constructed out of figurines! At the end of one of the residential roads we found a giant wall covered in vines! Seriously look at me for scale.

As it neared the end of our day trip in Amalfi we hustled to the most inviting Gelateria. Oh my heavens we found the HOLY GRAIL OF GELATO here! The Amalfi Coast flavor, which is not to be confused with their other 4 Lemon flavors, was dyed blue to represent the beautiful waters had a unique blend of flavors: lemon, lemoncello and possibly vanilla. It was so refreshing and rich at the same time. One of our travel companions also attempted to get Gelato from here but they passed after a long queue formed after us. All in all it was a (dare I say it?) perfect day! Spectacular views, delicious food and unique sights to behold. I’m hoping to revisit this area to celebrate a future marriage milestone!


Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

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  1. This all looks stunning! Your photos are gorgeous. 🙂

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  2. Really want some more of that gelato…

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  3. Wow, Amalfi is gorgeous. Also, I love the look of that pizza – makes me hungry.

    Kathrin —

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  4. Wow, your pictures are beautiful! The place looks amazing, and I can’t believe how big those lemons are! Thankyou for sharing.

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