Koko Fit Summer Challenge #FitFail

UPDATE: 8/28/2017 #FitFail – As the updated title suggests I am sad to say that I completely failed at this challenge. Time to lick my wounds and start a more manageable regiment. Let’s go to the point where it all fell apart. I was not formally keeping track of the activities on my sheet and that might have been the main demise. On my birthday we went to this place called F1 Boston where we went go-karting. I received several souvenir bruises and persistent back problems afterwards. Haven’t had the motivation to continue the 30 minutes of activity since then. My excuses were so easily to accept. There’s always fall?

I’m definitely not the fittest or most athletic person. In fact I struggle on a daily basis fighting laziness and my sedentary lifestyle. Sundays are especially difficult especially if we’ve had a full day of activities planned the day before. I usually try to hide under the covers as long as I can until reality sinks in. Last year I joined a local gym under the brand Koko Fit Club. If you have a lot of free time you can read my Yelp reviews where I not only reviewed it once but TWO additional updates! One of my favorite aspects of the gym are the fun challenges the owners come up with for the members to stay active!

For August 2017 we have The Koko Fit Summer Challenge:

The premise of this challenge is simple: for all 31 days of August, do at least 30 minutes of activity each dayWe know that one of the reasons getting to the club in the summertime can be tough is that the summer is just so short! We don’t blame anyone for wanting to take advantage of the sunshine and beautiful weather while it’s around.  BUT, we should all be staying active during the summer and might as well use our Koko Fit bodies to do some awesome and adventurous activities. 


Daily Log #FitFail Beginning and End

  • 08.29 Koko Strength Training
  • 08.27 Odiorne State Park Bike Trails
  • 08.26 Hampton, NH Boardwalk & Shops
  • 08.25 Koko Strength Training & Cardio
  • 08.22 Koko Strength Training & Cardio
  • 08.20 Koko Strength Training & Cardio
  • 08.19 Mall Walking for hours
  • 08.14 Koko Strength Training & Cardio
  • 08.12 Go-Kart Back Bruise Last Place 
  • 08.11 Koko Strength Training & Cardio
  • 08.10 Walking around at work
  • 08.09 FabFitFun Dance Workout
  • 08.08 Koko Strength Training & Cardio
  • 08.07 Insanity Fit Test
  • 08.06 – Sunrise Hike in Blue Hills with Koko Fit Club
  • 08.05 Household Chores (i.e. cleaning) and Walking
  • 08.04 Walking around with Hubby
  • 08.03 Walking around with Hubby
  • 08.02 Koko Smart Training & Double Cardio
  • 08.01 Bike Ride (after years of neglect) & Koko Smart Training

I’m hoping that blogging about the challenge will help keep me more accountable. Ideas for plan. Let me know if you have additional inclement weather ideas!

  • Smart training as usual 3x/week at gym with cardio if available
  • Dust off bicycle from REI for local trips and trails
  • Fitness DVDs for rainy days. I bought the Insanity DVD set and they are just sitting shamefully in the corner. I also have access to all of FabFitFun database.
  • Walking around “new” neighborhood and visiting old
    • Break during lunch to walk around campus
  • Visit local parks and utilize their walking trails after finding bug proof clothing
  • Kayaking/Canoeing in local parks or river
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  1. I like to find yoga/cardio/strength videos on YouTube! They can be anywhere from 5-70 minutes and you can find pretty much any kind of workout 🙂 Yoga is my first go-to

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  2. Seems like a good plan. I’ve always been physically active. Hope you (and dana ) get on board 😊😊

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