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#Wedding #Videography #Review #WeddingReview Is adding on videography worth the investment, especially if you already have photographers?Many couples’ biggest regret is skipping out on videography for the wedding. Thankfully we were able to coordinate the Videography through Kristin Griffin Photography to sub-contract Erin Anguish (EcA Productions) so we wouldn’t miss out! Erin also has her own business so you can contact her directly if you like her work. She also has the pricing package options available on her website to peruse. She captured several tender and candid moments that I didn’t even remember until watching the finished BluRay. I might have started tearing up again at some points.

The downside of sub-contracting was that we did not get to meet or correspond with Erin until the day of the wedding. However, Kristin sent me her page link so we could take a look at some examples of her work. After the wedding Erin reached out to us through text and e-mail. She also sent us a hard copy of her Wedding Demo on a DVD, but due to the condensed timeline we actually received it around the same time as she put together the original getting ready sequence so we didn’t really have much additional to say since we did like the opening/get ready sequence. Warning this blog post is image-lite considering my poor computer went on the fritz trying to import our 55 GB wedding video to take some screen caps on my 4+ year old MacBook Pro! You can see our 5 minute intro to the venue and getting ready sequence below.

Quality of Service

Erin was easy to work with during and after the wedding. She showed up early around the same time as Kristin Griffin while I was still trying to round up the rest of my bridal party at Raffael’s lovely bridal suite. She provided us a couple of resources when dealing with the tricky music licensing aspect of Videography. I honestly had no idea that in order to be able to share the video we needed to license the song, even on private social media with friends and family. We picked 2 songs on the Music Bed licensing website. We chose  and Stay Young (Instrumental) – Beeches. She started editing the video right away, and included several shots panning the general layout of the venue. One of my friends commented that they were shaky and in some instances might have been better to just use photos, but then it would look strange with inconsistent lighting. I didn’t realize how dim the lighting itself at the venue was until looking back on the video. During the ceremony portion when we were exchanging our vows there were some blurry portions. Erin zoomed in/out on either Dana or I while we were talking so the camera needed to refocus, which was slightly distracting. I’m no video expert, but personally I think it would be preferable to have both of us in the same frame without panning between. Not really a big deal though.

We loved how Erin juxtaposed the boring moments of us going around to each table taking photos with our guests with everyone dancing! She also used the songs that we were dancing to at the moment so it looked more natural than using one of the songs we licensed. We thought it looked awesome since she captured Shout – The Isley Brothers and Be My Forever – Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran which were the more dynamic songs many people danced to with the ribbon streamers! We also greatly appreciate that she gives the option to give us all of the Raw footage she took along with the digital copy of all of her work on an external hard drive. They are about $50 so we purchased a 1 TB hard drive on Amazon to send directly to Erin load all of the files and formatting! The complete video was about 48 minutes for ~5 hours of wedding day coverage. The timeline overlapped with Kristin’s and we cut out early since most of the dancing shots probably looked more or less the same.


I especially loved that she captured the subtle moments and interactions such as Maya sneakily dancing in the background of one of the shots! (1:49)


We got our first glimpse of the intro/getting ready sequence from Erin just 10 days after our wedding as we picked out 2 songs to license quickly. She shared the private password protected link with us on her Vimeo channel. We were extremely pleased with the intro video and did not have any additional comments. However, we still scheduled a quick follow up call with her to go over additional logistics. We had to reschedule a few times between the honeymoon and our schedules. After the call we had a few more correspondences via e-mail and waited patiently for the finished video. There were a couple instances where we had to send an additional follow up e-mail to get a hold of Erin, but otherwise she was generally responsive. We received the finished product at the end of June! After comparing to some other brides on those wedding forums it seems faster than the usual, but I think ours was before the majority of weddings for 2017.


ecadiscErin made sure that we had first access to the intro sequence with password protection. She also confirmed with us before releasing the video publicly on her business page and Vimeo channel. The finished product arrived quickly to us through FedEx and she packaged a handwritten thank you note and cover sheet with her business stationary. She had created a nice disc cover design of us in front of the Gazebo/Archway. The disc menu also featured our names and our custom cocktail napkins from the venue! Also we were very grateful that she gave us an extra back up copy of the BluRay disc even though in the original contract we signed with Kristin it only said 3 copies of DVDs! She also offered to put any additional portions of the wedding video online for us that is password protected. I think the only people who would want to see that is our parents and they already have their own copies of the BluRay discs haha.


I’m so glad that we were able to coordinate wedding videography and the photography payment altogether as I think it would have been much more expensive to seek out options independently! There were just a few additional costs that we incurred that we could have avoided if we only chose 1 song and did not want the raw footage. Each of the songs we licensed costs about $50 and she agreed to cover the cost of one of them so she could use it as promotional material for her business. The websites have relatively unknown artists who are promoting their works for a much more affordable price than a mainstream song that we played during the dance portion, but would not be able to share online otherwise. We reimbursed her for the other license and she accepted Paypal, Venmo or good old fashioned checks. I chose the Venmo route but needed to have her add me.



The Wedding Demo video that Erin sent us had a couple’s beautiful wedding that most likely had much longer coverage than we did. It featured their entire wedding segment and Erin did an amazing job following them throughout the day. We did not get a chance to talk to Erin prior to the wedding, so unfortunately there was no consultation portion for the videography services to determine we wanted specifically for the day of coverage. Perhaps we should have nudged Kristin to create the introduction earlier on. However, Erin was helpful after the wedding. She shared with us a very detailed outline of what the video editing process entailed and what she needed from us to continue. She gave us 2 options for websites to choose between for music licensing. We decided to just choose items from MusicBed as we had some strange technical issues with Song Freedom. We are so thrilled that we had the option to receive the raw footage on an external hard drive! It could have been helpful to have contact before the wedding just to know that we would need to furnish or purchase the drive itself in order to receive the files since it was unclear about the specific terms within the general wedding contract signed.


Erin is an excellent choice as a wedding videographer! We love the video she created for us and will certainly cherish those memories forever.

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