Fab Fit Fun Review & Summer 2017!

Confession: I used to have 6 subscription boxes/services*, but I’ve whittled it down to just Fab Fit Fun (FFF) now! They are only seasonal so that also helps cut down on the clutter of items and cost of monthly subscriptions. I’ve been hooked since Fall 2015!

Most likely if you’re a female on Facebook or Instagram, you have seen the aggressive targeted advertisements for this subscription box. Celebrities and Lifestyle Gurus have endorsed this box. There’s a huge following and people watch others unbox their goodies since they have a few variations. (Plus it’s fun to see reactions!) After reading Annie’s review post on her blog, Managing Money as a Millennial I also wanted to share my experience as well! (I was just so impatient to actually take photos before ripping through all the pretty packaging for Spring 2017. Oops!) As of 7/28/2017 I am now also an affiliate/partner for FabFitFun!

TRY OUT FABFITFUN & use code SUMMERLOVE for $10 off first box.
(Yes this an affiliate link and I will get get incremental credits if you sign up!)


COST: $49.99/quarterly OR $179.99/year to save $5 per box and SELECT certain items/shades. (We all know I hate surprises so I upgraded to the select option.) To entice NEW members they offer various discount codes and goodies in your first box.

VALUE: FFF boasts $200+ worth of products in each box. Each seasonal box arrives with a pamphlet showing info on all the goods including the “retail value”! As you have some choices there is a range of the value between boxes. I usually try to pick the coolest item and sometimes if I’m not crazy about the choices then I’ll just try to pick the one that looks most valuable.

WHAT YOU GET: As the name suggests you get a combination of “Fabulous, Fun and Fitness” related products from various brands. I usually know at least one or two of the brands featured since I am a recovering beauty addict! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to NEW BRANDS and products. You might not have picked out for yourself. I definitely would never have purchased rubberized Toe Sox for myself (Winter 2016). Sometimes there’s a lot more fab or fun items rather than fit since not everyone wants to use workout related stuff in their box. With all subscription boxes it’s mixed bag of what you’ll get. There’s always some items that not everyone will use, but part of the surprise novelty!

ADD-ONS & PROMO CODES: One of the additional perks of FFF fueling my materialistic addiction is their steeply discounted add-on store that I’ve only recently started shopping. Everything ships out with your box so they will put everything in an additional box so the pretty design of the seasonal box does not not dirty in transit! They’ve featured full size products from Deborah Lippmann, Living Proof, Dr. Jart, Sol de Janeiro, Juice Beauty and much more! Each month they partner with brands to offer special promotion codes of usually 10-30% off merchandise in online stores. I’ve only used them a handful of items since I usually don’t need more items at the time.

I will give 2 separate ratings at the bottom for the overall subscription box as well as the current season’s box Summer 2017. If people enjoy this one I can do reviews of the future seasons as well!


I actually picked these choices so long ago I forgot what I picked until I received the box haha! It would be helpful for them to send a confirmation for what you picked originally since you have until a certain date to change your mind.

All subscribers received 1 of 3 based on preference.
Travel: Understated Leather On The Road Again Travel Set ($28) 
So happy I actually chose this one and it turned out to be the highest retail value. I honestly don’t travel too much but one of my borrowed luggage tags was already ripping after our honeymoon.

Chef: Salted Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Rocks with Mini Grinder ($26)

Artist: Amy Tangerine Ready, Set, Create! Art Kit ($22)


Choice of 1 of 2 based on preference
Fitness Boost: Way of Will 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil ($29.50)
We already have some other massage oils, but should be interesting to see if it actually has a cooling effect.

Beauty Boost: Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk ($20)
Due to my beauty addiction I already have at least 2 or 3 samples of this dry shampoo! This stuff is nice though can never have enough of dry shampoo.


More items for Summer 2017:


Michael Stars Ruana (Marrakech, Brush Batik or Alligator Tie Dye) ($54)
I thought I ordered the blue one but it turned out I got the orange one instead. I love it aside from the strange split down the middle but I have more warm colors in my wardrobe.

Bkr Little Bottle (Rosy or Romeo) ($35)
Love the blue color! One of my co-workers raved about this and has one in pale pink. I didn’t understand the hype since it doesn’t hold much but it is truly like the convenience of a plastic water bottle but much more elegant with a convenient handle!

Kris Nations Mystic Bar  (Turquoise, Howlite or Peach Moonstone) ($58)
Got the turquoise since I don’t have too many of these. Haven’t had a chance to wear this yet!

Avene Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ ($28)
Who couldn’t use more sunscreen in the summer? Gotta stay protected. I have such a large supply of SPF products that I might not reach this one yet. This is pretty pricey itself!

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate ($29)
Great brand and I own many of their other beauty products. I think I also have samples of their peels. Haven’t tried yet!

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze ($30)
More bronzer to add to the collection! I’m surprised they didn’t include one of the swimmables collection since those are all water proof.

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement individual Stick ($1.70)
Free sample I like food related ones, I’ll probably add to shake.


TRY OUT FABFITFUN in case you missed the referral link up there and didn’t want to scroll up again. Use code SUMMERLOVE for $10 off first box

FFF Subscription Box Rating: 3.5/5 ★★★1/2 – Several months I’ve gotten weird products that I would never use and still have not used! Toe sox still haunt me. They were so uncomfortable.
Summer 2017 Box Rating: 4/5 ★★★★ – With so many “choices” based on preferences this was a strong box especially if it’s your introduction. They had a good balance of the fab, fit and fun!

Has anyone else tried this? What do you think?

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  1. I love my FabFitFun subscription, and this was a favorite box! The sunscreen was perfect for our camping trips…small and compact with a high spf. The winter box will be my last box though because it does add way too much to the clutter issue!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Is that when your annual subscription ends? Haha we will see what they have next. How was your fall box? The scarf is so soft and cute 😍 but boy does it shed on everything 😭

      So funny that my MIL was commending me for declutter and wanted this for her birthday gift. Going to see how she likes the first box before upgrading.


  2. Probably a good idea to condense

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I like that is what you got out of this post. Did you get a chance to try out any of the Urban Decay eyeliners that you picked up from the frenzy of the move? Also thank you so much again for your help with that. Couldn’t have done it with you and Bob.


  3. I think one day I’ll try out this box, since I’ve only heard good things about this subscription box. I’ll be sure to use your referral link 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Leona! Yay yeah I’ve had mostly positive experiences thus far! It’s probably contributing to the too much stuff problem though. Haha yeah maybe you could do a review on the Real Home Chef subscription too. How often do you get meals from them? We were thinking of doing Blue Apron haven’t gotten around to it. Also have codes for Sun Basket but that’s a lot more expensive since it’s organic.


  4. Love. Sunscreen was a great item for this box. I’m so loaded up from last year’s sales but this is always a necessity so I’m excited to try it when I get to it. I was also iffy on the water bottle and was debating giving it away but it is the perfect size to stick in your purse… I’m on the same page with your ratings too. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here with sunscreen overload. Will bring extras for others for our beach trip this Saturday! Haha I probably would also love it if they included bug spray. Maybe I’m the only one but I get destroyed in the warmer months. Yeah it is! Although it slightly flipped in my bag. I don’t think it’s leak proof so be careful! Thanks for your feedback Annie! 🙂


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