Last 2 Days Ulta 20% Off Code Below!

So the rumors are TRUE! I got a 20% off code recently and used it on a few things to qualify for Ulta Platinum again. In an effort to curb my beauty addiction I am sharing with you my code that I tested works again! This code includes Prestige products and Fragrance!


**UPDATE even one of my favorite beauty bloggers from Musings of a Muse made a blog post to let everyone know that there may be a “universal code”. It’s the one in the example screen shot under the 20% off qualifying purchase text.

Please comment if you’ve used! I’m interested in seeing how many times it will continue to work. I plan to share codes in the future promotion codes on the blog too – Follow on the right hand side so you don’t miss out! If you are NEW to shopping with Ulta online and their rewards program, please consider using my referral link! We will both also get a ย $10 off $30+ purchase code as well โค.



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  1. Wishing you guys the best trip ever. Looking forward to ur posts. Xxoo

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