All Aboard the Wedding Train!

Get your tickets since this train is leaving the station right now! It’s almost peak wedding season in the summer! I’m so glad that mine is done at this point even if I was a bit under the weather. Everywhere I turn I can’t avoid engagement announcements or upcoming nuptials. Even some unexpected department stores are getting in on the Wedding industry action. Namely slapping the “W” word on anything white, ivory or special occasion looking.

Let’s play a game and look at the image to guess which (unexpected) business wants in on the wedding game?!









A = Target – believe it or not they have had a wedding shop and sell dresses for awhile. I was even considering them as a viable option at one point since I really didn’t want to spend a fortune on a dress. However the styles there are very plain. I got almost my entire Wedding Day Outfit from ModCloth, with the exception of the strapless bra from Target!

B = Forever 21 – prime case and point of featuring white, cream or ivory items then slapping the word wedding on them to charge a premium. I was startled to receive an e-mail from their newsletter not so subtly titled “WIFE ME UP 💍“.

C = Walmart – They don’t have a full blown wedding shop, but they specialize in other items such as invitations that I mentioned in my Mail Time post, also accessories. They even have a lengthy article about picking the perfect jewelry for the special day!


Call me lazy haha since I had the intention of writing a review about the registries, but that would have been way more writing. Maybe next week! How many weddings will you be attending this year?

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  1. SERIOUSLY? I cannot BELIEVE b)’s take on this! I wish I could say a) and c) surprised me but hey, they’re trying to corner every other market, I guess…It’s ridiculous how pricey it all is; my (handmade by my mother so only costs = fabric and supplies) wedding dress came to $1K even with dragging my dad along to the fabric store with us for the senior citizens’ 10% discount!

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    • I know large department stores want to just be everyone’s one stop shop! Haha I can only imagine tons of other brands are also trying to jump on I didn’t really do too much research for the post but I’ve heard of people getting their dress from J.Crew, Anthropologie, even Costco has quite the variety of wedding/engagement bands.

      Wow that’s awesome that your mom is so crafty! Custom made is great and a lot more common/affordable in Asia. Yay for no tailoring! Would love to see a pic of your dress!


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