Magical Murano (Days 1-2.5)

#Venice, Gondola Trip, Visit Venetian Island #Murano, #GlassMaking, Canals, #GrandCanal, #Italy, Gate 1 TravelWhy “Magical”? We had the pleasure of seeing live the process of glass blowing AND a Double Rainbow on our last day on the island!

Venice and Murano was our first stop after an overnight flight at 9PM from Boston with a connection in Munich. We we thoroughly enjoyed all the modern amenities of the modern Lufthansa Airline. I watched 2.5 movies (Moonlight, Trolls and half of Fantastic Beasts before falling asleep.) A woman next to us in the aisle seat also kept giving us her extra food so I had plenty of snacks. The meal was edible, but nothing amazing however we had as much wine and alcohol as we wanted. (Probably the standard for international flights!) The connecting flight with Air Dolomiti was much less impressive, since everything looked like it was from the 70s. It was only 1 hour but I slept the entire time!


Luckily for us just as we landed there was someone from Gate 1 ready to direct us and there was a Water Taxi ready for us! We encountered another couple too from New England area. The taxi driver dropped us off right in front of our beautiful hotel LaGare on the charming island of Murano! We were a bit early so our room wasn’t quite ready but they said it’d be ready within 30-45 minutes. We were both so tired from our red-eye flights so we stopped by the caffé next door for some caffeine and a rare find of NO COVER CHARGE. Dana ordered a hot drink and I had an iced drink. They came with complimentary biscuits/cookies for us to dip. The place was so beautifully decorated with colorful artisanal glass all along the walls. Feel free to check out my Yelp or Trip Advisor review for more details about the hotel itself coordinated by Gate 1. Originally the travel documents said we’d stay within Venice, which would have been nice to explore however I did not mind the quiet charm of Murano.


Dana and I freshened up after the long flight and had the rest of the afternoon to fight jet-lag by wandering the streets along the colorful canal on Sunday. I’m so glad we didn’t stay inside since this was the only dry day! Most of the shops and restaurants were closed on Sunday so we just wandered around on our own being tourists snapping photos. (Ok I admit, it was just me doing this.) I loved just going up and down the assortment of all the bridges and seeing all of the residents’ various boats.


Our Welcome Dinner and Orientation was not until 6:30 PM! Admittedly we probably should have gotten a snack as I was starving ready to eat anything in sight. We met our tour manager Johnny (Giovanni) and our travel companions at the hotel restaurant. There were 2 long tables for the Orientation as Johnny had another group that had joined him earlier at Lake Como. (If we could have gotten more time off and more money I would have loved to go there too!)


Johnny gave us the Gate 1 “Whispers”, which are one way radios with a singular earpiece. I’ve never used them before but when it was working it proved to be quite useful. It allows everyone in the group can hear him without him straining his voice as we are walking and we don’t all have to huddle in a circle. He warned us that if we lost the Whispers we’d have to pay Gate 1 €50 for the device! Dana didn’t notice everyone else taking the plastic cover off to write their name and he wrote it directly on the film so it smeared off halfway through the trip! We did brief introductions and in that moment I was hoping Dana would not mention that we were on our honeymoon haha since almost everyone else on the trip in the group of 29 was a retired couple! You can imagine the reaction we received… After dinner we toured the other side of town and saw a huge glass art sculpture called the comet star next to one of the glass factories. (The style quite reminds me of the glass tree at the MFA in Boston, or should I say vice versa!) We were so full from dinner this was probably the only location we regrettably did not get gelato.


The next morning we had our first breakfast before setting off for the glass factory in the rainy weather. We discovered the delicious “multi-vitamin” water which tasted more like fruit juice! Dana also enjoyed their assort of cheeses. He was such a darling as I was getting ready in the morning he would assemble a plate of breakfast for me! We were off with our rain gear to Vetreria Artistica Ferro E Lazzarini for a glass blowing demonstration. They explained that glass blowing was a dying art and the youngest artist for the business was 35 years old. One of the masters showed us how he made a vase as well as a beautiful horse. I couldn’t believe he could so quickly mold the delicate features of a horse right before our eyes! They had several different ovens at different temperatures to create different glass pieces. (Alright we saw a glass demo in Providence with Water Fire with a blow torch, but this was even cooler!) I’m so impressed that they can withstand working at such high temperatures since I was starting to get warm just sitting and watching.


Of course as part of their Tour group agreement they lead us upstairs to the show room where they gave us their pitch for their finest glass wares. No photos unfortunately of the beautiful designs. We saw the exact same dining set that they were advertising for a fraction of the total cost of several thousands for a couple hundred in a little shop in Venice. Oh well they are selling certified handmade from their glass factory on site. Most of the items were unfortunately out of our price range and with our track record would have never made it back to the US in one piece. We then spent the rest of the day within Venice itself and I’ll go into more detail for a later post I’ll link once ready.

Murano Rainbow

Magical ending to a fun start in Murano!

We arrived back at Murano after a full day and we were ready to get dinner. There weren’t nearly as many choices but I had the fortune of needing to stop by the hotel room again while it was pouring so we took a slight detour. Once we emerged outside it was as if the perfect timing parted the clouds and revealed a beautiful rainbow. Then I looked further and saw another rainbow! I lingered a bit too long taking photos before dinner and several other tourists dragged Dana into taking a photo of their large group. Dana and I finally arrived and ate a delicious meal at a restaurant called Osteria AL Duomo. I honestly should have ordered something else than the Black Cuttlefish because in retrospect I wouldn’t have eaten that back home in the US! We loved the Aperol Spritz drink they suggested though. I still regret not purchasing some at the supermarket. We loved Murano and it was a perfect start to our honeymoon trip!


Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

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  1. Oooh this is awesome Hanna!

    My sister brought me some glass beads back from Murano. I always thought they were gorgeous, but I didn’t know much about the city other than they have good gifts! 😉

    Thanks for bringing us all with you on your adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the template that you use for this blog. Also, the handwritten itinerary looked so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d never heard of Murano until today but it looks SO magical and that B&B looks so homely!

    Char xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I remember thinking Murano was the most beautiful island in Venice…til we headed to Burano! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So glad you guys had a wonderful time in Murano! That double rainbow sounds amazing and it seems like Gate 1 did a good job at welcoming you on tour.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Dillon! Yeah I think we had false expectations after the first location of hotels since it just went downhill at all the other locations haha. I’ll be doing a review of Gate 1 overall and this tour offered at the end!


  6. I’ve never been to murano. Hopefully I can see there soon. It sounds lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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