Judy’s Village Flowers

Fresh floral arrangements can tie together your wedding colors quite nicely. Unfortunately for us the flowers we received from Judy’s Village Flowers (JVF) missed the most important accent color along with a few other elements! In fact anyone with eyes can plainly see they were not the flowers we agreed upon at all. For once my incessant photo taking proved quite useful when looking back on the ones we originally selected months before the wedding back in February. As you can tell from the harsh intro, this review is more of a cautionary tale for potential customers looking for a florist.

Orange / Coral flowers are clearly missing!

Thankfully we were able to coordinate with the venue, Raffael’s, whom we purchased the package for a refund! They must have negotiated an amazing rate with JVF for $10 per low centerpiece per table. Good on Raffael’s for responding immediately by calling me as soon as they saw my e-mail and cutting us a refund check for $120.

Quality of Service

Aside from an assortment of purple and pale pink flowers arriving in a timely manner in the selected vases to the venue, I cannot speak highly of any other aspects of JVF. We encountered difficulty from the moment we e-mailed Judy Verizon e-mail to schedule an appointment. She attached the information sheet, which we filled out and didn’t respond back to us to confirm the timing for weeks. We eventually agreed upon the time original time she suggested of 10:30am on a Saturday since none of the other time slots we proposed were suitable for her.


We still have not received any response from Judy herself or anyone in business weeks after the wedding/e-mail on 5/9. I even called for a follow up a couple days after I sent my e-mail and the woman on the other end acknowledged they had read the e-mail and that Judy would contact me back when she had a moment. Understandable since Mothers’ Day weekend was fast approaching I was not expecting an immediate response. However, several weeks passing with radio silence reflects blatant neglect or indifference to low-value customers. Honestly this incident could have been avoided if the floral shop had contacted the venue and or me ahead of time to let me know that the selected flowers were unavailable. That way they could have coordinated appropriate replacements.


E-mail sent to Judy at her Verizon e-mail with no response 😦


When we arrived for our appointment Judy had us wait for several moments in her shop before we followed her back to her office to view options. She had several plaque awards and swatches for dresses from David’s Bridal so we could tell she’s been in the wedding business for a while. It’s understandable that Judy wouldn’t want to bend over backwards to accommodate customers who did not want to add on bouquet or boutonnieres in addition to the vendor packages. We could tell immediately she wanted to hurry up and finish the appointment with us when she realized there were no more additional revenue opportunities from us.


If you use her services through the vendor packages it seems like a great deal especially when you compare to her retail prices. Hundreds for each arrangement! However, we also had the choice of another florist vendor so I can’t help but feel like they would have been less abrasive and delivered the correct product. In addition, the flowers we did receive also did not look the freshest several petals were already wilting. I’m not sure about the shelf life of arrangements but ours were unsalvageable by day 2 – shedding here, there, everywhere!


She quickly whipped together a vase of flowers and showed us the 2 options available for low centerpieces, bulb shaped or square shaped vase. The first one she made had too much vivid yellow and not enough coral / orange for our accent color. No consultation for specific types of flowers we wanted or specific colors with the swatches. Her solution was to just remove the yellow altogether, which was fine. I took a photo of the arrangement we agreed upon, which looked very spring feel with the bright white, pink lily and of course the orange roses. We finished up our appointment in less than 30 minutes and Judy couldn’t wait to get us out of there. She really didn’t give us much of a choice for what we wanted given her “take it or leave it” type of attitude when talking with us. If you take a peek at her other reviews you will notice others have characterized her personality with the same brusqueness.


Overall if you value floral arrangements more than us you should take heed in finding a place that can consistently deliver quality products. If they mess up they should also take ownership for this proactively rather than ignoring customer complaints. Thankfully we didn’t let this piece ruin the actual wedding day, but it is a bit disappointing looking back at the photos of the day seeing glum purple flowers near the brink of wilting upon arrival.

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  1. Maybe start the email off without mentioning some sort of credit or refund. She’d likely be more responsive and reach the same conclusion. Was 120 the cost of all those flowers? That’s an absolute steal.

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    • Haha well I think she was just swamped at the time with Mother’s Day. The very least she could have done was given an apology for the mistake. I just wanted to be direct. Thanks for the suggestion though.

      That’s what the venue negotiated haha so it’s probably not big moneymaking opportunity and it was not prioritized. Oh well!


  2. Glad you got a refund

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