Sharknado 4: We Can’t Believe this is a Franchise Either

I actually like Sharknado and, to a lesser degree, Sharknado 2. It’s a ridiculous idea with ridiculous execution and the acting is actually a little above what one would expect from a Syfy original movie. You have sharks in tornadoes? Blow them up! More sharknadoes? Freeze them! You know what? Let’s just fly a helicopter into a tornado filled with sharks!

Image result for sharknado helicopter scene

Just ask yourself, which is more ridiculous?

Image result for batman 1966 shark

It was the first one, wasn’t it?

With Sharknado 3 the idea began to get stale, so The Asylum (the studio that made all these movies) decided to make it even more ridiculous and we got sharks IIIIN SPAAAAACE! I’m not a rabid fan of the first two movies by any means, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever rewatched Sharknado 2, but gave me the ironic impression that it was being taken too seriously. The Asylum knew this was their next cash cow and put too much effort into the making of these movies, so that it comes through in the movie itself, which makes all the ludicrousness seem out of tune. They tried too hard to keep people watching this series.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens is where it got sad. Yes, the title did its job and warned us of the Star Wars references, but OH MY DEAR YODA! Not even Spaceballs parodied Star Wars this much! Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’m a huge Star Wars fan and after the first five minutes and 3,812 references I was sick of it. And it kept going. And going. And going. I wanted to shoot a proton torpedo into its reactor just to end it.


Image result for sharknado 4

More machine now than woman. Your pick of whether I’m talking about the character or the writers.

Somehow, even in the middle of a desert on a planet where humanity controls the weather (yes, that’s in this movie too), a tornado will appear if there are sharks in the general vicinity. Oh no, it’s not air pressure or storm systems that make a tornado, it’s sharks. I’m surprised that they didn’t include mini-tornadoes in every house where the occupants were watching Jaws!

The one thing that I did find funny in this installment was that the sharknadoes also became firenadoes, bouldernadoes, cownadoes, and nukenadoes. The last one with nuclear sharks eating people I’ll admit was just so out there it got a laugh out of me. It’s too bad that I just kept thinking that The Asylum is so desperate to get people to see these movies that they’re throwing every ridiculous idea that they can into them. Also, Gilbert Gottfried as a newscaster screaming reports about the various whatever-nadoes.

Image result for nukenado

The soothing tones of Gilbert Gottfried will save us!

Movies are made to entertain and, in some special cases, to make us think of ideas we hadn’t considered before. I like the first two movies because I could turn my brain off and find them amusing, even if only in the “so bad it’s good” way. The third isn’t a train wreck but not as enjoyable due to the creators taking it too seriously. The fourth is like being hit with a sledgehammer repeatedly to make you pay attention. Maybe I’ll write about the other 3 in more depth someday, but for now only the 4th is irredeemable to me.

Rating: 1/5 ★

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  1. Or beating a dead horse to run 😆 I probably will never watch any of the sharknadoes.

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