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One of the highlights of the wedding planning process was definitely the various tastings! Believe it or not, we actually got to a point during the cake tasting where we reached our capacity – sweets overload. I wouldn’t mind lending my help for any future brides to be for this aspect if you catch my drift. Anyway let’s kick off the post-wedding series Wedding Wednesday series with Konditor Meister (KM) for our wedding cake! As I mentioned previously my SO and I chose this place as the cake vendor through our Raffael’s venue as it was included in our package. We also had a choice of Montillio’s, but from the venue tasting, we overall loved KM more!

I will be using the WeddingWire vendor rating system below, they break out the ratings by categories and average everything for a final verdict so these ones will be much more precise than even half stars! (Yes I made an account on there solely to use their rating.)


Quality of Service

From the moment we walked in for our first visit (even though there was a small wait) the cake consultant, Autumn was extremely helpful. We didn’t even come in before hand knowing what we wanted! The owner, Günther even personally stopped by to chat with us several times to make sure we were doing well! I was surprised they paid this much attention to someone who had a package through the vendor. He and the consultant helped our group of 4 into a private room filled with bridal magazines to start the cake tasting. Strangely the place felt like a ice box (in January) so we all kept our winter jackets on! They also offered us water, tea and coffee to go with the delicious cake. Looking back we should have just decided on the cake design on the first visit, since the second was redundant. (Plus second consultant had horrible halitosis!) Our idea of what we wanted did not change much.


It’s very convenient that you can easily make an appointment online on their website. We did not make any changes to the design after submitting or the headcount so I can’t say whether follow ups would have been as painless as going in person. While at the cake tasting each consultant may also be helping out another group so you may not see them for intervals. I wish they would have let us know where the hot water was so we could have refilled our own tiny tea cups or if they left a pot of hot water.


The first consultant we had, Autumn and the owner, Günther were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They did not pressure us on our first visit to upgrade any features to increase their profits even though we had a vendor package. They welcomed us and fed us as much cake as we wanted until we were all caked out! Then on our way out to win us over even more, they even gave us a complimentary box of a half dozen pastries from the bakery we could pick out! The people we went with loved the cake so much they also ordered their own pastries.

Wedding Cake from Konditor Meister, 4 flavors. Cake tasting guide & review

Wedding Cake – Photography by Kristin Griffin


I’m unable to find a pricing sheet on the website since they probably want to price everything by custom order. Anyway the average 4-tier wedding cake is about $450, which was all covered in the venue package! We personally paid a bit extra for the rolled chocolate leaves for the circumference of the cake. We couldn’t get away with just buttercream frosting in this instance. We also had a front plaque that had our initials and the date of our marriage, since we didn’t get cake toppers. The best part was we got to choose 4 flavors and it wasn’t easy! The bottom obviously is the largest so we went with Tiramisu for the large Italian population of guests, Mango (we all thought this was to die for!), Lemon Raspberry and their signature Strawberry Grand Marnier for the top layer just for us! In the end we had about 1/3 of the bottom layer left over and I shared it with my co-workers. Either they were being nice or they all really enjoyed how it tasted too!

Gold cake, mascarpone mousse & coffee flavor

Seasonal flavor, not listed with description on their website, but trust me it’s delicious.

Lemon Raspberry
Gold cake, one layer lemon mousse and one layer raspberry mousse

Strawberry Grand Marnier
Gold cake, white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries, G.M.


One of the weakest points for KM was definitely the flexibility in deciding on the final design and colors. The consultant showed us the display cake with the beautiful leaf wrap, and the dark green leaves and floral design was just too tempting! I wanted it for my own (if you want to see the “inspiration)! I wasn’t sure if we wanted a shade of green as dark so we asked for other colors. The second consultant provided us some swatches… Those swatches that she showed us were basically just fabrics of paper. We should have brought a swatch of the dress in retrospect. They unfortunately did not replicate the colors I envisioned completely. Perhaps that’s my fault since we didn’t insist on seeing more that what she provided. It did not seem like they even had a coral. The colors were a bit off, but I don’t think anyone at the wedding noticed. Instead of having coral flowers it turned out to be pink and light pink with a brighter spring green than expected. I wish they would have let us see the full range of colors rather than bringing us back TINY squares of fabric for the colors. They reminded me of chiclets or tic tacs! While browsing WeddingWire there were several other brides that encountered a similar issue (search “color” as keyword)!


Check Yelp Review for more photos of bakery!

  • Bring swatches or extra material from altered dress(es).
    • I definitely forgot and just winged it! Would not recommend going in blind.
  • Save photo inspiration of what cake you would like. Unless you already know your dream cake design and approximate estimate of all the intricacies you will probably need to be flexible with your ideas.
  • Rolled chocolate is extra and quite expensive! It was almost impossible to avoid when seeing all these beautiful intricate cakes that caught our eyes! Research alternatives for design such as arranging the buttercream floral frosting.
  • Real flowers and square shaped cakes cost extra.
  • Scope out your cake toppers ahead of time or elsewhere. Buying your cake toppers at a bakery is overpriced! Just like those $300+ accessories at a bridal boutique.
  • Call ahead after you made your appointment online day before or day of with specific flavors picked out you want to try! They will not have all the flavors listed on the website ready on the day so they may need to specially set it aside for you.
  • You can only bring up to 2 other people aside from your SO choose wisely or just bring them for fun. In the end the decision is up to you and your beloved.


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  1. I love your wedding posts! This cake sounds gooogeous!

    At most of the weddings I’ve been to recently I’ve been too full for cake, unless they bring some back out later after I’ve been dancing for a few hours!! I think I’d HAVE to come back to try your cake though.

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  2. I’ve always liked KM. I thought the cake looked beautiful and was delish.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like the comprehensive valuing system here and your tips are really useful. Good to know to have your own cake topper if wanted and to bring swatches to make sure the colors match.

    Liked by 1 person

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