Batman and Robin: A Secondary Masterpiece

There are two types of lights that we see in the sky. The first is primary sources of light such as the sun or other stars, objects which create their own light. The other type is secondary sources, which reflect light from primary sources. Even though the moon is a secondary source, it is still brighter than most stars to us.

Also inspires howling. More on that in a minute.

When you ask someone to name a Batman movie, they usually will say The Dark Knight or Batman (1989), to most people the two best films. Surprisingly, however, after these a lot of people will say Batman and Robin, widely considered one of the worst movies of all time. Why? There are plenty of other Batman movies, all of which are better quality.
The most obvious reason is because this movie succeeds so well at being bad. Plenty of critics, Youtubers, etc. have pointed out the reasons why so I won’t go into much detail here. In short the dialogue is a series of one liners, it’s impossible to take Batman (or any characters except Alfred) seriously, and the tone feels like a Looney Toons short. Despite all this, it’s not funny enough to be a clever comedy like the 1960s TV show which I greatly enjoy. Whether something is very good or very bad, as long as it’s extreme enough to stand out it gets attention.

Whether that attention is deserved is another question…

Not everyone watches Batman and Robin itself, however. This movie has led to multiple parodies and comedic reviews, almost all of which are better than the feature itself. One of my favorites is a review by Nostalgia Critic which includes several comedic outbursts and lampooning of the obvious flaws in the film. In  this way the infamous Batman and Robin is similar to the moon. Its brilliance is not its own product, it’s from other people’s witty observations of it.

Yes. This happened.

This is a movie that is fun to watch with friends. You can create good jokes and laugh with whoever is around, and you’ll have fond memories of the occasion as a result. It is rare to find such a universally agreed about resource for comedic material. Just…don’t watch it alone.
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