FREE Wedding Websites TheKnot Part 2

Now where were we from the FREE Wedding Websites Part 1? If you haven’t read all of the different options I laid out, I would recommend reading my previous post before continuing. At this point I’m 99% done with the website and just adding any last minute or day of information along with photos from additional events. I look forward to the day when I will stop receiving these e-mails from TheKnot, stressing me about the endless checklist of tasks for your typical western wedding. We’ve definitely cut out several items we deemed unnecessary.


209 days seems like so long ago… Look at how few of these e-mails I’ve actually opened.

PROS – Useful Features
  • Hundreds of THEMES to choose from so website won’t look exactly like another couple’s you know. If you love matching some of them including the one we chose having matching invitations you can order through
    • Extremely EASY to use, no prior knowledge of websites or coding needed. It comes with default pages with pre-set template of ideas.
      • About the Couple
      • Travel/Accommodations
      • Details about Wedding Venue
      • Things to Do
    • Customization to an extent: such as changing fonts and colors. Be careful, this could be a one way path to an eyesore.


  • Thousands of resources: articles, forums, newsletters, vendor info for the truly excited bride that can’t wait to dive into planning. This is seriously a one stop shop. Did I mention they have that too?
    • TheKnot Shop with cute ideas for gifts for wedding party, parents, yourself
    • Wedding Checklist & Budget Integrated – Nifty feature for sure but my SO and I cut out a lot of extra items that we do not plan to be doing but it’s such a pain to remove each line item one by one.
  • Contact Local Vendors directly and look up reviews to secure: Venue, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Officiant, Florist, Cake, Caterer, Beauty Salon, etc…
  • RSVP & GUEST LIST Manager – Online response for Wedding/Reception and any other wedding related events you want to share with meal options.

    No response people, get it together

    Responses are sent directly to your e-mail!

    • Collecting addresses for your guests! Let them do the work by filling out a form you send out to them. You’ll be sending them Save the Dates, Invites for Wedding, Shower, Thank You Notes Galore. (This feature would have been extremely helpful if it was available before we sent anything!)  
    • Manually input guest RSVP and meal choices. There will be inevitably guests who are unable to visit the website for one reason or another or forgot an item on their response. (OR more likely you will have to hunt down their delinquent response.)
    • Guests can opt to receive an e-mail reminder to revisit the website for updates.
    • Guest list sorted by Invitations, RSVPs, Gifts/Thank You notes to help you keep track of admin tasks needed for follow up.
    • Group Guests by “Party” so if you know the invite will be sent to couples or families then you can lump their RSVPs together. They only need to search for one name.
    • Secure RSVP – allows only guests from guest list to respond and find invitation. No one can add a +1 for themselves or uninvited guests who stumble onto your page.
    • EXPORT your guest list as a .CSV after you receive the majority of responses
  • Flexible home page with Wedding/Reception Details and intros for wedding party
    • Horizontal Top Menu Linked to all pages and items
    • Guest Book page – no one on ours seems to use it but you get the default message from TheKnot, then your friends and family can choose to leave you a nice note. Most people have included their message in the RSVP note.
  • Photo albums with options to grab items from Facebook or Instagram
  • Registry links embedded into website & charity donation (unspecified amount so no way to verify)
  • PRIVACY is huge for us as we are paranoid that random people will stumble upon our page. My SO thinks I have a long list of people/things with an axe to grind…


CONS – Lackluster Features
  • Photo Album glitches & display is too small – As I alluded in my previous post I don’t understand why they couldn’t have it fill your screen once you click on them?!
    • For the $ you paid for your engagement or wedding photos you’d definitely want them to be shown in their full glory.
    • Linking to Facebook & Instagram can be glitchy. I started the website back in December 2016 and I noticed that overtime several photo links broke. They left a sad gray unavailable icon in its place. (I’ve since cleaned those up and deleted some albums.)
  • Contact Form Missing for guests to submit wedding related questions.
    • I made my own shoddy Google Form that no one used. I’ve seen other websites I featured in Part 1 that have this. I also built an FAQ page to address one-off ones we’ve received.
  • Registry direct link feature is broken/glitchy – I used to feature the integrated listing with images for their preferred vendors (Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target) and it ONLY showed the Bed Bath and Beyond items. Guests were asking through the grapevine about my sparse registry so I removed the direct links to items altogether to avoid confusion. Good idea but the execution needs work.
    • Instead I just have the icon/button to the actual websites.
    • Registry is SEARCHABLE. Despite all your efforts to privatize your wedding website, this thing still pops up in the search engines. No one ever complained about getting a gift but still not 100% conducive to living off the grid.
  • Secure RSVP Glitch – Several guests complained they couldn’t find their invitation or name on the RSVP feature. For fear of having random people or surprise +1s added we locked down the guest list. The mobile site also is not as functional as the desktop version.
    • Add in a feature to include “nicknames” or “alternative spellings” since the formal invitation we sent out might not match with what they would search for.
  • Surrender your e-mail for endless newsletters, better yet just make a wedding e-mail separate altogether.
    • I suppose you could unsubscribe to these pesky notifications, but I have serious FoMo for any nugget of additional info.
  • Vendor Reviews are Highly Skewed and No Sorting Option – If you’ve ever took a moment to actually look at reviews or gone to OTHER websites you will notice that they almost all positive in comparison. Now I’m all for giving credit where it’s due, but let’s be skeptical here and say that it’s a bit unbelievable if most of the vendors are rated 5 stars…
    • It’s also a pain to wade through the endless sea of glowing reviews since you can’t sort by lowest rated / most critical. You also don’t have the feature to see if other people who viewed the reviews found them helpful.
    • The actual (rave) reviews don’t have as much detail as I would like to make decisions. I would recommend using other sources for your research! You can count on me to dish the details. We will see if they have some strange filters to stifle negative reviews.
    • Who VOTES on these annual Knot awards? Quick google search only yields this cryptic link to a poll/survey for 2016.
      • It seems like they hand them out to almost everyone we have interacted with. Or should I just flatter myself with our choices of vendors?
      • I will keep this on my radar to see if I get a survey after our wedding to fill one of these out.

Whew! That was more content than I thought… speaking of, there might be a Part 3 in the works post-wedding as well. I’m curious to see if I get the option to vote in these Readers Choice awards, if they give you criteria and what will happen with my vendor reviews.

Rating: 3/5 ★★★

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  1. Happy anniversary celebration is a ceremony of a couple’s devotion for one another and can be extensive or mini, but it is always lovely.


  2. So informative! Too bad the Knot still has glitches, otherwise it would be really good service


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