American Express Blue Cash Everyday & Preferred Review

Updated: 11/30/2017 Added section about comparison to Blue Cash Preferred card after I upgraded in August 2017, I got an additional $150 bonus! 

AmExBlueCashEveryday1Are you missing out on cash back for mundane tasks such as grocery shopping? I’ve dedicated American Express Blue Cash Everyday card as my default for the weekly chore since it consistently receives 3% cash back (CB)! Also known as the Tina Fey card since she’s been in so many commercials for this… Other credit cards such as (Chase Freedom and Discover It Card) have those annoying quarterly categories that can be quite cumbersome to track. Confession: I own both of those too, and a slew of other cards… At this point I’ve been good and haven’t applied for anymore! I’m just monitoring my credit after that Equifax breach.

If you want the quantitative break down of the APR, fees and rewards comparisons to other cards then please check out the other resources I’ll list below. (There’s a million and one stats for cards already, not going to rebuild the wheel here.) My review focuses more so on the strategy of using this as a niche card for specific very savvy features that appeal to me and could potentially work for you as well! Of course if you’re not on the market for a new credit card at this point, you could always keep this post on your radar for when they offer even more enticing sign-up bonuses than the current on the left.

Blue Cash Everyday/Preferred PROS – Key Benefits

  • NO ANNUAL FEE! No points to cash conversion. Always found that annoying.
  • Everyday: 3% CB on Groceries, 2% Gas & Department Stores, 1% everything else!
  • Preferred: 6% CB on Groceries, 3% Gas & Department Stores, 1% everything else! Main difference is that there’s a $95 annual fee so netted with sign up bonus of $250 it’s $155. If you typically spend $134/month or more in groceries you will have a net benefit choosing Preferred! (~$1,600/year)
    • TIP: If you need a simple sheet of 20 stamps or other household items check your local grocer to get the 3% on those too instead of just 1%.
    • Honestly, BoA 3,2,1 is marginally better for gas at 3% but I hardly use that card for anything else.
    • Conversion bonus to Preferred version – you want to get a taste of this card with no annual fees first, you can bump up your membership for $95 and get an additional $100.
  • $100-150 sign-up bonus, if you spend $1,000 in first 3 months.
    • TIP: If you have multiple cards you can consolidate all your expenses onto this one until you reach the amount.
    • The bonus may seem weak compared to others that are offering $150+, but many of them have fallen to the wayside for use.
  • $75-$100 additional statement credit per successful referral up to $550/year!
    • That’s HUGE! All of the other credit cards only offer a pitiful $50/referral.
      • Ignore the weird interval of $550 when you get paid in $100s…! So your 6th referral doesn’t have a good payoff. I successfully referred 2 people last year. (You guys made my day! ❤)
  • AMEX Offers – One of my favorite features! Frequently featured on SlickDeals, but they offer new promotions ~20+ new each month and they are WAY better than those handful of BankAmeriDeals® that I use once in a blue moon. I’ve saved $210+ already with just these!
    • The cash back is usually immediate or after your oder processes you will get an e-mail saying you made a qualifying purchase and the credit is processing.

In total there’s 67 more that I haven’t added but the top ones are always AmEx self promoting its “discounts” for travel and accommodations.


Not just stores or restaurants, they also have some truly random offerings like Dine Out Boston, Cable/Internet Bill, Broadway tickets, subscription services, even EZ Pass… (Yeah don’t ask why mine’s registered to NJ.)


Current offers I have sitting in my queue waiting for redemption! There’s no penalty for not using them either.

CONS – Mild Annoyances

  • Cash out available only at $25 intervals – not great if you use this as a niche card as rewards accumulate slowly.
  • Weak CB reward redemption options. – Limited gift card options, overpriced merchandise or statement credit, which is the winner all the time.
  • Not as widely accepted as VISA/Mastercard – Even warehouse stores got rid of this like Costco and BJs. Not great if you do a lot of grocery shopping there.
  • Rewards accrued in arrears. – I contacted their Customer Service as to why I can’t track the actual amount I earned for each purchase like you can see the detail with some cards (CapitalOne QuickSilver, Chase cards)
  • Constant spam mail from AmEx – trying to entice you into applying for cards with ridiculous annual fees for people living a luxurious life. (One way ticket into massive credit card debt. Watch out!)
    • This happens with other card companies, but I notice AmEx does this most often. They are wasting hundreds of $ on very nicely presented thick enveloped mail that I never open.

Other Resources – for those credit card stats we all want to weigh in on before dishing out our personal info.

  • CreditDonkey Review – Extremely detailed technical review with comparisons to other popular cards aforementioned, but lots of ads to wade through.
  • TheSimpleDollar – BIG grocery spender? Review of Preferred version of Blue Cash card that has same benefits, but doubles all rewards with $95 annual fee.

Again if you are interested, my Referral Link awaits!
Let me know if you want more posts on other (rewards) credit cards I have! There are a few I regret signing up for at this point in my unused wallet.

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★


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