Schedule Announcement!


We are still going strong since my First Post on February 10th with the ambitious goal of posting 2-4 times a week!*

Thank you for the positive response on my Engagement & Wedding Series idea! Me and my Guest Author (or more like co-author at this point) have come up with a schedule that we hope you will enjoy! We’ve even made alliterations so that it’s easy to remember. If you check the TOP MENU, I’ve also added quick links so you can pull up all of the posts under our featured categories. Don’t forget to check out my Rating Rubric page too where you’ll get an idea for how I determine how to rate items.

Mark your calendar folks:

  1. MOVIE Mondays OR (TV) SHOW Tuesdays** – We’ve watched so many of these
    lately so we’ll continue the trend to bring either me or Dana’s opinion.ncbeblaai

    • Split – because we haven’t done enough Shamalyan movies, but I love me some James McAvoy
    • Moana – I’m not sure if we’d contribute anything that hasn’t already been said at this point but we’ve watched it so much! Even got the soundtrack.
    • Spartacus (TV Show) – underrated (because it was on Starz) and currently on Netflix. I can watch those gory fight scenes on repeat ad infinitum.
    • Fresh Off the Boat – it significantly deviated from the book, but I still find it enjoyable. Speaking of that I need to read that before probably reviewing.
  2. WEDDING Wednesdays starting March 22, 2017 – As of right now I have enough potential content to make a weekly series over the course of 10 topics! I’m hoping to get even more ideas to help stretch this series through the peak wedding season months in the summer. Please refer back to the original post of ideas! Here’s what’s in the works currently:
    • Free Wedding Websites – options for free wedding websites
      • TheKnot – Finding the right wedding website, specifically TheKnot website features, what to put on wedding website
    • Bridal Show – Strategy of how to maximize your efforts and avoiding spam
    • Davids’ Bridal Exposé – lovingly coined by one of my good friends. I will need to do a bit more research and interview my bridal party/former brides before posting this one!
  3. FREEFLOW Fridays** – Catchall for all of the other random topics I conjure up.
    • Money Saving products I use (i.e. Ebates, Cash back credit cards)
    • Random reviews (& comparisons between similar brands/products)
  4. SHORT & SWEET Saturday & Sundays** – Similar to Friday, but I’ll post the BONUS content on these days if I’m feeling so inspired. Going against my regular verbose writing style, I will keep these posts concise. I’m hoping to truly expand on this over the summer!

*The downfall of most new blogs seems to be establishing consistency in a posting schedule. Also getting discouraged with lack of engagement with readers. I don’t have a ton of time to seek out other similar blogs, and interact but I am determined to respond to any comments you have! Also sad to say that the blogs I have engaged in have been unresponsive or enjoying a one-way benefit.

**Staying in line with the 2-4 posts/week we might not have a post every week for categories 1 and 3, but the Wedding series due to popularity will definitely be weekly! *** We will have a hiatus period of no posts during the honeymoon since we won’t have reliable access to internet.

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  1. Love your blog! It’s so nice and pretty! Which theme do you use??


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