Yankee Candle Review & Coupon!

Well this might be slightly random, but why share an awesome coupon to my undoubted favorite home fragrance and candle brand! You also need to know why I feel this way in my review. First of all check out the coupon if you have a location near you!

Yankee Candle Coupon available to get $10 off any $25+ purchase valid through March 19,2017 or you can use the code SUNNY17C online but free shipping is steep at $100+. Print your coupon here!

Candles & Fragrance Merchandise

Refreshingly Summer

Yankee Candle (YC) has an absolutely stunning variety of different scents where I’m sure anyone could find something they like! I wonder who has the interesting job of deciding all of these colorful names. Some of them are quite out there like their Bacon, Beer or God Bless America fragrances. These were marketed as their rugged/manly collection… Aside from scented candles, they also have oils, room sprays, gel capsule fresheners, car jar fresheners/vent clips and of course candle accessories. Although slightly gimmicky they have seasonal decor for all of the major holidays and seasons. For an extra premium you can of course also customize your favorite candle scent with your own photo to call it some equally cheesy abstract scent! (I’m thinking Family Fun Time or Endless Love.)

Favorite Scents: Citrus Tango, Lucky Green, Pink Sands, Golden Sands, Bahama Breeze
Least Favorite Scents: Cozy Sweater, Bacon, Beer

Little known fact that I actually used to work for one of their main competitors back in the day, Bath and Body Works (B&BW). Personally I love the classic feel and unbeatable quality from Yankee Candle. I’m not going to pit these 2 brands against each other, but YC offers more size variety and specialize mostly in candles. (They know their stuff!) B&BW has a variety of candle scents, but they also have lotion and perfume fragrance offerings. YC also list each candle’s approximate burn time for each size. As long as you take care of the candle by trimming the wick as needed then the candle will burn evenly to fill your home with wonderful fragrance.

Headquarters and Yankee Candle Village [Yelp Review]

I used to live in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts while attending undergrad so I lived relatively close to the Yankee Candle HQ in South Deerfield, MA. I have to say if you’re in the area, I would highly recommend checking out their giant Christmas Village and Yankee Candle Stores. It’s set up as a tourist attraction with a few shops on the inside. There are several themed entrances to the various shops that are all connected to the center village where they have Christmas themed decorations all year round. Every set amount of time (5 or maybe 15 minutes) they also have snow falling to capture the quintessential holiday experience. Right next door they even have a standalone fancy restaurant called Chandlers [Yelp Review]. My SO actually celebrated our semi-anniversary one year and went back after his graduation for lunch celebration with his family. All the food was delicious from what I remember.

Occasionally they will have events going on, so check their website that are perfect to bring your child to. They even have a small history of candle making museum in their store! During certain times they have live candle making demos too. Of course as the flag ship location, they feature almost every scent that they have in their collection. They also have a huge inventory of clearance and sale merchandise. I purchased my delightful Lucky Green scent last year that I’m burning now ready for St. Patrick’s Day for 60% off. The company frequently offers promotions such as the coupon listed above. One time they even had a $10 off $10+ purchase and I practically received an item for free!

Online Shopping and Website Experience

During my crazy shopping addiction/hoarding phase, I ordered several items from them online and accumulated a stash. They had huge sales I couldn’t resist during the typical retail trap falling under the category of “semi-annual” to clear out summer or holiday merchandise. The downside is that they only offer free shipping for orders over $100 and because they are shipping out glass jars of candles the packaging is excessive! They had double or triple boxes for the goods, to protect the fragile goods but I still managed to receive one set that had a shattered votive holder. Thankfully I was able to just return it in store for a refund. I think I’ll stick to shopping in-stores since I feel so guilty for the excess packaging.

Jar Recycling

In the past I’ve attempted to search for a candle jar recycling program, but came up short. Just now when I just checked today I saw they are in partnership with Terracycle! FINALLY! The actual reward is laughable (5 jars to receive $5 off your next purchase), but it’s definitely better than nothing. (B&BW does not have anything like this still!) I’ll feel much better than just throwing them out or painstakingly removing the remainder of the wax/wick.


Strange Logo Rebranding

I’m not sure if many people noticed, but around July 2016 the company changed their Logo! While I’m all in favor of brands refreshing their image, I personally don’t love the strange mix of caps and lower case letters and the curvy “K”. Notice how nice the photos above of candle jars are all with their OLD logo. I love the classic all caps font on the label! It totally captures the essence of the most loved and reliable fragrances. Are they trying to cater to a younger, more hip/trendy audience? See the logo comparison below. I’m curious to hear your thoughts too. I’ve seen many other Yankee Candle fans also had the same reaction. One of my favorite in-depth analysis documented was by Biscuits & Blush. I completely agree with all the aspects she pointed out on the new look…

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  1. Agreed, the new font is sad, not the logo I remember. I have fond memories of these candles. They saved me freshman year when I roomed with a big german guy that played lots of basketball. Love you Pat, but those socks just piled up in the corner till that cute floor mate took pity on us and brought us a candle.

    In conclusion, pull out the candles and let’s get lit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay for your new blog! Haha what were they thinking?! Trying to become their competitor? Do you remember what scent the candle was? We still have a collection we are working through but the Lucky Irish inspirit of St. Patrick’s Day is surprisingly amazing!!


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