Yelp Cash Back Saga: Part 2 SUCCESS!

As you can tell from the title that this follow up post concludes the enigma of Yelp Cash Back with personal success (despite the initial disappointment) with the first restaurant attempt in redeeming. If you’re confused about what Yelp Cash Back is, then please take a moment to read Part 1 of the Saga before continuing!

UPDATE 8/29/17: I have revisited both of the restaurants below in addition to the first time and confirmed that the cash back works properly when transaction is rung up as “dine in” instead of erroneously as “to go”.

ATTEMPT #1Shawarma Falafel Yelp Review 10% CB on 1/24/2017receipt

The glowing 10% and 4.5 average Yelp rating drew me in immediately! (Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist a deal.) I carefully planned exactly when I knew I would be working from Boston, and meeting up with a co-worker for lunch. I’ll spare you the details of the actual experience, since it was mostly quite pleasant. The only hitch was I was expecting some sort of confirmation that my dine-in purchase had qualified for the cash back. To this day I still have yet to receive the automated e-mail and I swear that it has to do with the way the cashier rang up the receipt, note the “To Go”, which is not true. Anyway I noticed something was off so I contacted and waited for the abyss that is the nature of automated response queries for large businesses. Waiting, waiting, waiting until 2/7/17 when I received a non-descript response as follows. At this point I’m still not sure what’s going on and losing hope.

Thanks for using Yelp!
To confirm, the Empyr team reported that they manually replayed this transaction on their end on 1/30/2017, and you should be receiving your Cash Back bonus shortly. We appreciate your patience.

Yelp Support

The subsequent time I’ve visited I talked to the cashier about Yelp Cash Back and she seemed very confused about the concept. However, I told her I was dining in and she rung the transaction up appropriately. Voila as soon as she swiped my card I received the e-mail notification!

ATTEMPT #2 – Walnut Grille Yelp Review 7% CB on 2/13/2017

My SO was craving something from dare I say it, a vegetarian restaurant (self-proclaimed meat man over there) after our dance lesson, so we popped by this restaurant. We’ve been here before with other friends who are vegan and had a great experience so why not come back? Light bulb goes off! We could also get 7% cash back, but I of course forgot my wallet at home. My SO and I both have the same Amazon rewards card that has 2% cash back for restaurants as the default so I quickly added his on the mobile website. Again I’ll spare you the actual experience details and link my review once that’s ready. Lightning speed, as soon as the waitress swiped the card, DING! I get a notification that the purchase qualified for cash back! How exciting to confirm this actually works. The e-mail itself was titled “You’ve Got Money.” (Anyone else thinking of AOL’s antiquated “You’ve got mail” tagline?)



Of course continuing on the train of great news, a couple days later on 2/15/2017, I received the “Payday from Yelp Cash Back” e-mail with the image on the right above. I checked my credit card activity & statement lo’ and behold it worked!!!


All’s well that ends well for one of my many Sagas? The cash back does work, but they definitely made me work for it! I’m hoping other restaurants in the future won’t be as much of a headache as my first attempt. Now that you know, go forth and save lots of money and enjoy your weekend!

Saga hasn’t ended just yet! Yelp has added some New Features in Part 3 of the Saga!

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

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  1. At least it was worth something!

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  2. Saw your comment on my Yelp thread. I hate posting on there because as you can see – there are a ton of weirdos who don’t really answer a question you have. Thanks for your response! I emailed Yelp and got a response from Betty also, who said that I should be receiving my cash back from Empyr, but I have yet to see anything.

    I’ve never even seen a Yelp Cash Back report like you screenshotted! Where did you find that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mindy! Glad that you found the post helpful. It’s too bad that there aren’t a lot of other resources. The Yelp Cash Back FAQ page also has a lot of gaps. The reports were actually automated e-mails that I got. (That’s how it’s supposed to work if the business set it up correctly when you pay for your order.) Glad that Betty got back to you! When was your receipt/purchase? It might have missed the March 15 cut-off. So it might go into April 15 credit card statement.


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