Boda Borg Boston Review & Quest Guide

Updated: 1/10/2018 Price increased to $33 for day pass and $22 for 2 hour pass.

#BodaBorg #Quest #Review Fun Indoor Activity exclusively only location in North American brought to us by Sweden! Escape Rooms meets mind and physical challenges.When you hear the words “team building” does it send a chill up your spine of awkward ice breakers? After a couple years entrenched in ResLife as an RA, that’s my initial response! However Boda Borg is so much more than just team building. Boda what? It’s difficult to describe to someone who has never heard of Boda Borg, the “quest” type challenges first originated in Sweden. It involves intense team work either mental (green), physical (black) or a mix of both (red) to solve each room/phase. It truly is an amazing team building activity for almost all ages! We are fortunate to live in the Boston area where the first and only location in North America is located in Malden, MA!

As a first time participant, one of the staff members will give you an intro about each of the rooms and how you must complete them in succession. Each quest has a total of 2-4 rooms you must pass, usually with increasing difficulty before you get to the final where there’s a locked black box with a stamper to collect your badge of completion.


  • Free locker rental in small/large, you will want to put away any heavy loose items as they will get in the way
  • Cafeteria area past the lobby where you can eat at the buffet style Taco bar for $10 and re-hydrate with water
  • Cleverly designed themed rooms with awesome props
  • Clean restrooms on each floor


  • Choose your team wisely. You can have 3-5, but there’s a time limit of ~2 minutes on each room so it may be difficult to get everyone through the more physical quests.
  • The quest doors close excruciatingly slowly, and you won’t be given credit until it is completely closed. I recommend opening it just wide enough so everyone can slip through instead of bursting it wide open.
  • You receive a green triangle symbol on the screen above the door to the next room to indicate a “Pass”. It, however, can turn into a red circle signifying “Failure” if you do something in between the next room being ready. Watch out!
  • Don’t touch anything when entering a room, just observe for clues before making a decision! Work together as a team to figure it out.
  • Get the stamp before you exit the final door, it re-locks!
  • Wear comfy capris or long pants. Think active wear! All the crawling can be painful on the knees even with some of the padded floors.
  • Don’t give up if you keep failing, try one of the other quests in between if we were really stuck.


QUESTS COMPLETED – Some of these we finished with ease, others we spent forever trying to figure out. I’m not going to give anything away, but just my team’s general impression and estimated # of total attempts for our team of 5 and color (G, R, B).

Farm [6] R – Staff member suggested we try this one first since it’s a mix of physical/mental and the first few times we didn’t know what we were doing at all… and overthought the whole process.
Roll & Rock [12] G –  We took note of our teammates’ strengths and strategized accordingly.
Quiz Show [1] G – We were surprised by how easily we passed through each of the rooms. They change up this quest seasonally sometimes notably for their “Boda Boo!” event during Halloween.
Coach [2] G – Ironic that this sports themed one is not classified as physical?
Dansa Pausa [4] R – This one brought back middle school memories.
Tough [3] B – Not as difficult as the other black quest we failed.
Rats [7] R – Failing this quest then going back to the very beginning is so tedious, but somehow we made it.
Step Up [4] B –  Probably the easiest/most straight forward black quest.
Light & Dark [17] G – Hmm… I’m slightly embarrassed how many attempts we had since we just didn’t get it at first.
Alcatraz [9] B – Favorite quest with the best props!
Pirates [20+] G – We gave up… on our first visit. We just had no idea what was going on after the first room. Second time, we were much more observant and completed after many more times failing of course. All of the rooms are incrementally related! We had a new mix of team members!


My main team is on the left, the competitor team on the right. Can’t figure out stamp direction.

QUESTS FAILED – For one reason or another we either did not understand these quests at all or were not physically fit enough to strategize our way through. There’s always next time right?

Tougher, Toughest [1] Black – Hmm… we’ll be back maybe after a few more gym sessions. It doesn’t seem too hard as long as our body doesn’t betray us.
Superbanan [1] B – Ran out of time to try them all but as the most popular/toughest” quest I don’t feel too bad. I couldn’t get past the first area. Is that embarrassing?
Spook House [11] R – Another one that we just didn’t understand from the get go, but we came back a second time and solved this to the second room with a new mix of team members! Still itching to go back and figure it out the 3rd room.
Infra [6] G – Hmm not sure if it was just us but this one was very frustrating. We finally got past the second stage only to fail repeatedly some more.
Jungle [2] B – Again we ran out of time so we only tried it twice and we got through to the second room.
Spider [1] B – Sad that we never got a fair shake at this one but time to say goodbye since this is one of the quests that is decommissioned for new quests for 2017!
Platoon [4] B – Maybe next time we should just go for the black quests as we were so tired out from all of the other ones at this point.

I’m not trying to be nit picky but the improvements I suggest are the ventilation in some of the rooms, and line management between rooms. I believe the top floor ones may not have AC and you’ll get sweaty easily, not great when you are questing in confined spaces. For some of the more popular Black quests there will be a long line of people snaking around the hallways. On a day with less than ideal weather or cold temperatures, Boda Borg is a fun way to problem solve through teamwork.

Overall we had a blast and definitely the ones that eluded us I’d want to try again. However, for the ones we did complete there’s not really much re-playability for the green ones. It’s a great indoor activity! I can’t wait to try this with more friends when we inevitably revisit and test the new challenges constructed.

Saga to be continued… if one day we become quest masters. I will update this post if we complete more challenges with my impression.

Have you tried out Boda Borg? If so how did you do on the quests and the new ones I haven’t even listed? Let me know if you have any questions.

Rating: 4.5 ★★★★1/2

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  1. This sounds really fun! I’d love to do this with my colleagues. 🙂

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