Care of Cupid Valentines Set

Happy Tuesday, Galentine’s Day, Singles Awareness, Valentine’s Day (whatever you want to call it) everyone! I remember vividly in primary school looking forward to the distribution of shiny holographic valentine’s day cards and candy with my classmates. However aside from that, my family never celebrated the occasion (or most holidays). Beyond elementary school it was never a huge must-do tradition. My SO and my first date anniversary is about a month later so we don’t want to be pulling out all the stops and having nothing left.

Where am I going with this? Well many people know that I can’t resist a deal and while shopping on one of my favorite online stores ModCloth, I spied this irresistibly cute Cupid DIY Valentines’ set on SALE. The assembled finished product is a beautiful cupid’s arrow with a love note wrapped around for your valentine(s) to unravel and read. The 3 reviews were also all so positive so how could I say no?!dd033ab99e76509a8058d1d335da88a8

The kit included everything pictured above, but the biggest set back was the quality of the glittery gold arrow tip and the fletching. It simply is NOT sticky enough (cue sad trombone). Once I assembled the first arrow for my SO and one of my best friends I stuffed them into the envelope and they immediately fell apart. The set comes with enough items for 20 arrows in total however I stopped after 2 as it was such a pain to assemble and watch them collapse. On a positive note though the shiny glitter did not shed all over. The tacky glue was just not enough to keep it stable around the wooden dowels.

Unfortunately the product itself deserves a low rating. Help a sister out though my crafty friends, what should I do with the remaining material since the actual product was a fail? I’m sure we could think of something else cute to make with these scraps. Maybe I’ll re-purpose the dowels for photo booth props.

Rating: 2 ★★

Hope you all are having a lovely evening though! Don’t worry more reviews to come. I’m thinking of doing a Sephora Rewards Bazaar review soon in light of the recent drama over the Too Faced Sweet Peach perk today.

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