SNOW & Exploratory Preview

Good evening ladies and gents! This marks my first official blog post one of many to follow.


Ol’ mother nature bestowed a lovely foot of snow for New England today… I just recovered after a momentary lapse when my poor car beached its tail end in the fresh snow bank. After struggling for over half an hour, a kind neighbor or two came to my rescue! The first savior tried pushing my car and gave up. The second savior (whom I obstructed from dog walking) helped me dig my car out enough to push it out of the icy clutches of the snow bank. Remind me why I live here again folks?


Alright as one of my friends jested “who will be my next victim?”, let’s get on with the show. I want to provide quality content and let’s start with some brain storming for the queue. Let me know if there’s any segment you’d like me to feature regularly!

  • Movies – my SO and I watch a fair amount of these, most recently Split (starring my ride or die actor James McAvoy), Unbreakable, Signs (may need to re-watch after dozing off)
    • Past: Arrival, La La Land (I probably have an unpopular opinion)
    • Future Planned: Lego Batman, Beauty and the Beast
  • Travel / Tour Agencies – Princess, Gate 1
  • Guest writers/reviewers – I’ve got opinions and I’ve got friends! Many instances we don’t all agree or have the same perspective so for some colorful discussion I’ll feature some friends.
  • Money Saving Tips – Does it work?! I’m no MoneySavingMom (love her blog!), but I’ve got a few tips and tricks.
    • Ebates / Mr. Rebates – Cash back websites? Personal experience.
    • Credit Card Promotions – Namely those pesky deals that never seem to be for stores or items we want.
  • Beauty / Products – As much as I’m trying to cut back, I’ve accumulated quite the stash of beauty goods.
    • Sephora
      • Bazaar Rewards – Not many bloggers aside from the BeautyTalk forum are buzzing about this “limited” rewards program on Tuesdays/Thursdays to cash in on those large points Beauty Insiders accrued. I’ve redeemed quite a few!
      • BI/VIB/Rouge program – are the perks worth it?
        • Free Beauty Classes
    • Ipsy subscription – Member for several years and finally ready to call it quits.
  • Yelp – My first love and outlet for my customer service woes… I haven’t forgotten about you!
    • Local businesses picks & pans
    • Yelp Elite – overall impression of the program after renewing my 2017 status!
      • Business responses – I’ve had a few businesses reach out and I’ll disclose more about the feedback.
      • Yelp Elite Events
    • Yelp Cash Back – few people are talking about this NEW feature introduced through ( back in December 2016. I’ve dined at one restaurant so far on the list touting 10% cash back. I will definitely make a post or a series chronicling the success/failure.
  • Schedule – I’m sure it will take awhile to actually lift off this blog but to keep us all honest here I’ll attempt to post 2-4 times a week. It’s like getting started at the gym right? The tough part is starting the momentum!
    • Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday? We will figure something out!
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